Monday, March 26, 2012

Lake Powell 2011 Part 1

Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth!... well one of them.
We have gone almost every single year since I was a little kid... Now my whole family with all of our children go each August and it is something I look forward to all year! This year we had a blast! The kids all got new pets... Canyon's lizard was named lightning... I think Lila's was Thunder and I don't remember all the other kids. Tom helped them catch them on a rock across the lake from where we stayed, he swam back with them on his head to give to each of the kids. He is such a good dad! I will post pictures of it that Corbin took in part 2....
Olivia learned how to waterski....
She wanted me to be out in the water with her when she started I held on to the back of her to keep her steady... she did not need my help. I usually do this with the kids and they go a short distance and we try again and then they're done.... liv a love went forever!
she even crossed the wake on this first try!
we took a trip/hike up to the Indian Ruins.. the kids all thought it was pretty great. We hadn't been there for years... this was my moms first trip after having her foot amputated... she was such a great example for all the kids... she water skied, she hiked with us all and she swam across the lake.. She even took part in our first ever Survivor style races... we split into two teams... I think we ended up as the sparkley dragons named by cute little emme... It was so fun we relayed down the slide then across the cove and back, canoed around the cove and hiked up a mtn.... I hope it will be a new tradition!
Here the kids are at the ruins... all of us moms kept wondering how the Indian families kept their children from falling off the cliffs each day.. they lived pretty high up there!
Down inside the rock built homes.... it still smells like pee... oh the nostalgia!

Oh Tom... he likes to take pictures of himself on vacation!

The kids had such a good time playing with all their cousins.... fishing swimming, canoeing etc... I just love that white hair!

Oh man I am counting down the days until this August when we go again!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The ride home

We drove straight home the whole 24 hours it was a very long drive not as bad as you would imagine though... this is just a quick stop so we could document the states we crossed!

Kate Jablonski!!

The whole reason we had gone to Chicago was to go to "Camp Kate" She is my very favorite choreographer. She is amazing! Above is all the girls attending the camp...
Here are the girls ready to get started. They danced for 6 hours each day for 3 days.. they sweat for 6 hours each day they worked so hard. I was the creepy lurker in the background. My goal is to dance it this next year I was just worried because of my back and self doubt and old age etc etc...
Here we are getting her to sign our shirts. She really is so amazing, she had this one dance she was teaching and when she was having the girls walk through a part the old wood floor was creaking the beat of the song. Her choreography matches the music so perfectly the movements made the floor make music!
Here she is with all us "Utah" girls...
I'm a little obsessed! Here she and I are together.... Can't wait for next year!
Another I'll try and post.. but I will try and post some of the dances.... So worth the drive!

Chicago Part 4

shopping in Chicago.... fun shopping hated the driving and parking!

Oh how I love American Girl dolls!!
We went to this restaurant called "Dicks" its one of those where they are rude to you, they weren't really rude to us, I think the fact that we don't drink had something to do with it... They made us each hats with something somewhat rude on them..... Caitlyn's said "everytime I laugh a little pee comes out", Jaimie's said I french braid my back hair", Madz said "Not all blondes are dumb but I am" Kaylie's said I have more face book friends then real friends, Mine said, "Ya they are all mine, I want to keep trying until I have a boy", and Winter's said, " I steal my underwear from goodwill". It was a fun.... Now we were ready to settle down for the real reason we drove all this way....

Chicago part 3

The 3rd day we went to Six Flags... it was so much fun... It was blasted hot so we really liked the water slide part of the park... There was one slide that you stand in a tube and the bottom just comes out from underneath you... it was so scary but so fun at the same time... I had one of those I can't be old and made myself go on the slide.. the girls laughed so hard at me because I guess I tryed to grip the slide with both my hands and feet to save myself from dropping.
After the park. We went that night to the scarriest/ funniest hotel adventure of the trip... We walked in and let's be honest we're are Hampton snobs and like to only stay there, Tom booked us a room at the Super 8 walking in alone was scary, there were all these truckers tail gating outside, some creeper on the internet right by the elevator as we announce are room number to the world... we were scared!! When we got into the room there was this nasty bug on the bed so we all screamed and the neighbors yelled really profane language at us.... we then looked under the mattress to see if we had bed bugs we didn't but there was this nasty big blood stain on the underside of the mattress. (Winter has this whole scene on her phone I will see if I can post this)... Anyway we all grabbed our stuff and got the heck out of dodge! We drove down the street to the Hampton and got away from the hotel on "the corner of rape and murder" as said by Kaylie! We laughed for months about the whole night...

Chicago #2

The second day after we stopped at Car henge we drove into Iowa and stopped at this little pizza place.... they did not have a bathroom so we walked across the street to some vacation bible school party to use theirs.... We acted like we were part of the church congregation.. They were very nice, Maddie left a lovely prayer.... they did some "Owling"
and "planking"
It was a nice break from the long drive..... back on the road

Road trip to Chicago Part 1

Car henge.... We drove across the country to go to a dance convention we being me Madz, Winter, Jaimie, Kaylie and Caitlyn.... it was about a 24 hour drive.... the first day we drove through Wyoming and into Nebraska and stayed over night, the second day we drove to Car henge it was a nice little stop....
The girls "Owling"

Car Henge from a distance...

Maddie Planking...Ready to get back on the road again!